Race Nights
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Quick Race Night Facts

How much money can I expect to raise:

This entirely depends upon how much preparation you do in advance. We have done events where thousands of pounds have been raised during the course of the evening and events where hundred of pounds have been raised.

What will you bring:

We provide everything you'll need including PA, LCD projection equipment, tote tickets,
race cards, publicity for your event and an experienced host and compere to run the evening and ensure you raise as much money as possible!

Are all the races in English:

Yes, they all have English commentary and most are drawn from UK racecourses. There are a few suprise films in there as well to keep the night lively!!.

How many races do you run:

We normally run 8 races which will certainly last the night. We carry extra races which can be run by arrangement.

If you have any further race night questions that aren't answered throughout our site then please don't hesitate to call on 01942 765000.

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