Race Nights for fun!
and they're off
Planning a Race Night

There are many things to consider when you plan a racenight for example:

  • Obtaining Race Sponsorship
  • Arranging Prizes and Raffles
  • Organising Tickets
  • The Venue and Publicity
  • Planning your Race Card
  • Selling Horse Ownerships
  • Setting up the Tote
  • Organising Tote Sellers
  • Preparations for the Betting
  • Getting a Float
  • Planning an Auction Race
  • Running the Event on the Night
  • The list goes on!!

    The key to a successful race night is doing all the hard work in advance. The evening is the enjoyable part! You would be amazed how much money you can raise with a well organised race night, especially if you have all the knowledge before you start.
  • Download our booklet here - it will provide you with plenty of information to plan an extremely successful race night!!

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